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Alaska Airlines--Now Serving Destinations Along the East Coast

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OK, now that we know where we're going.........what are we going to do when we get there?

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Activities- The Bay Area's 3 airports Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose all have their appropriate things to do....
My parents would rather not host something at home, so we should plan something away from my house. ImageD">
Possible things to do:
San Francisco
Pier 39
Fisherman's Wharf Lunch
Alcatraz tour
Blue and Gold Fleet Dinner Cruise
At your leisure:
Shopping (Union Square, Ghirardelli Square)
Drive to Garberville
Have Bud and Evie visit so they aren't overwhelemed Image
Within a 2 hour drive south (touristy spots)
-Monterey (Cannery Row, Aquarium)
which is near
-Carmel 17 mile drive (scenic)
Bodega Bay
Drive 3-5 hours:
Bud's (Garberville)
If you would need transportation from me, SJC would be the best bet, a hotel in Fremont/Newark would be good, and I could drive 6 other people to the BART station where we can catch a train into the city. It's about 45 minutes station to station.
In the city: Getting around can be tough, you can rent a car and park, or take MUNI (buses, streetcars) around, both of which are a bit confusing. Getting to certain attractions such as Golden Gate and Lombard street would be easier with a car.
SFO arrivals:
Would suggest stay near airport- San Bruno, San Mateo, Burlingame, South San Francisco.
OAK arrivals:
Airport location is easier, free shuttles, and a connection to the BART station for easy access to Fremont or SF for Palooza activities.
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Point of Information:
The 17-Mile Drive is also known as the 8-Dollar drive for a particular reason. Never trust anything in a town named Carmel. Image

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If all you guys really come to San Francisco and:
1. Make it late enough in the year that PART of my New Years Resolution weight is off (well, not absolutely necessary),
2. I am feeling as well as I am this year (last year was much worse, with some post-surgical stuff that prevented me from seeing folks like Whorion when he was in town)...
I would be willing to host a City-Lights evening party (cocktails [softies for the young-uns] and h'ors d'ouvres only) at my place for the Paloozers. Our place in Noe Valley has a great view of downtown and the Bay Bridge. Plus, Noe Valley is a charming neighborhood just over the hill from the Castro -- worth visiting.
Remember, though, enough notice is required to get my troops in order, and to ORDER work not to interfere. Generally, that means about four weeks. As long as it's not any of the "High Holy" days (Pride, Halloween), it should be an absolute pleasure to host a little event. (Warning: I'm imfamous for providing only one or two specialty cocktails but with pretty good grub.)

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What a wonderful offer! I hope others see this, but, for now, I accept your invitation as offered. (I know the calendar for Halloween, but when is Pride Week/Month/Day?)
From Evan's post and from my limited experience in the area, I think that I will likely fly into SJC or into Oakland, even if most events will be inside San Francisco.
I hope that Bud and Evie can come down, but, if not, a pilgrimage is in order.
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11 Jan 2003, 07:54 #7

It sounds like exactly the kind of get-together we'd all enjoy. It's so neat to circulate and talk with all the HTers we can. After your party, all of us could go on together to a nice restaurant for dinner.
The time of year and the days of the week are pretty flexible for us, with advance notice of course. My husband would take some vacation, and we'd arrange to fly out West on bargain tickets.

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I have bump tix from several airlines, and I'd really like to do this, having missed all the other bigapaloozas. I'm game for any time in the spring/summer. I can also recommend a lot of other stuff. Some sillier things, like the Gilroy garlic festival. Garlic ice cream, anyone? Then theres the serious stuff, like the tallest tree, sea lions, nude beaches.....uh well I've HEARD there're some, ahem.....etc.
Its a great area, and there really is a lot to see and do.

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11 Jan 2003, 10:40 #9

I was waiting to get back on this till I heard from Bud just in case he were going anywhere - such as to Hawaii, where I suspect but don't have proof, that he has a granddaughter living - or in case he was loath to have a whole bunch of HTers descend on his own back yard. I have just heard from him and neither seems to be the case. Image
So when? Kenny's invitation is just great. For any of the main palooza's all we have needed is one single event as the focus for us all to congregate and we turn up. For me July /August are the best times - June is also a possibility but I would prefer later. I, of course, once I am up and dressed later this morning, am heading to the travel agent, first thing to check availability.
Finally, the weddingpalooza showed me that we did not need to have a strict timetable (especially when Oberfuehrer Globaliser was there to chivvy us around Image ). What helped was that we were all billeted in the same hotel so that we had a focal point to meet at specified times during the day. For the rest of the time we were free to come and go either separately or in groups as we chose and that was just fine. In the hotal we grouped, re-grouped, chatted and had a fine time.... and if I look back that's what we did at all of the paloozas. I would suggest therefore to make this work, that once we have fixed on a date, someone organise an hotel and get special rates for a group booking, just as Jax Tom did for the wedding or Paige for the HLPRPBD

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11 Jan 2003, 10:45 #10

Oh, sorry, I forgot about Bud. A side trip is a possibility for anyone who wishes it. He is aware that a HT convoy may head up I-whatever-it-is.